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Understanding the Magnitude of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers may not necessarily be often used but when there is a real fire emergency situation, these red cans will be vitally useful as a first line of defense in extinguishing a fire and preventing fires to inflict further costly damage to properties. During the fire prevention month, the local fire department and the National Fire Protection Association often emphasizes the fact that the presence of a fire extinguisher has a huge impact towards extinguishing fires and diminishing damages that are caused by fires.

As part of their mission goals to educate the public on fire prevention and safety, the local fire departments would collaborate with schools, government and business establishments and provide videos for media to show and even using social media, to plainly instruct people on how to extinguish fire using a fire extinguisher and, therefore, making people realize on the importance of preventing fire damage through the presence of a fire extinguisher. Furthermore, fire drills are often practiced in schools and offices, a collaboration between these establishments and the fire department and, therefore, this training has helped taught people how and when to use an extinguisher. It is significant to note that fire extinguishers are useful to stop and prevent fires and that they also help the environment from containing the pollution coming from the smoke and burning debris.

The fire department does not only educate people on the use of fire extinguisher, but that it also informs them on the different types of fire extinguishers and where each type is effectively useful and these are the following: wet chemical extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher, water fire extinguisher, powder fire extinguisher, and foam extinguisher. Wet chemical extinguishers are used for extinguishing fires that are caused by oil-based components and, therefore, a water fire extinguisher will be ineffective in this situation since water does not mix with oil, but a water fire extinguisher is most helpful to stop fires that are caused by flammable substances such as paper, wood, organic materials. It is not possible to extinguish fires, using water fire extinguisher, that are caused by electrical break outs, such as short circuits or faulty wiring, but instead what is effective to stop this type of fire situation is to use a carbon dioxide extinguisher. The foam fire extinguisher is useful for fires that are coming from flammable liquids and solids, but not effective for electrical fires, so a more effective extinguisher, the powder fire extinguisher, is used to deal with fires that are caused by flammable liquids, solids, gases as well as electric fires.

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